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I'm a rancher, not a politician.

Legislative District 1 faces some real challenges, and more regulations and government mandates are not the answer. I am running for reelection to the State Senate because our children and grandchildren deserve the same opportunities we've had. As your Senator I am putting my 50 years of experience to work creating economic growth for our community. Joan and I have been married for over 40 years, raised our four children in Prescott, and have been blessed with four grandchildren.

As a lifelong conservative Republican, I will continue to fight for the issues most important to Arizona's families and businesses. That means lower taxes, a balanced budget, protection of water and private property rights, secure borders, road improvements, school choice, and modernized forest management. I am optimistic about our future, but we must have responsible fiscal policies in place to preserve our freedom and allow us to prosper as a community.

I am grateful for the support I have received throughout my two terms in office and ask you to continue to support my candidacy and vote for me in the August primary election and the November general election.

All the best,

Steve Pierce
Arizona State Senator - District 1

The Latest News

  • NEWSLETTER: Getting to Work at the Capitol
    The First Regular Session of the 52nd Legislature is underway in Phoenix and we've wasted no time getting to work. Under the leadership of Governor Ducey, we passed a bill to require high school students to pass a civics test.
  • NEWSLETTER: Keeping in Touch
    I am serving at the Legislature because you have elected me to represent you. It is my privilege to do this work but I cannot do it without your input.
  • NEWSLETTER: Celebrating Election Night
    As has become tradition, Joan and I spent Election Night with supporters from all over LD1 at The Palace on Whiskey Row.
  • NEWSLETTER: Voters Send a Message
    Two weeks ago voters across the country went to the polls, cast their vote and sent a clear message: It's time to get back to policies that limit spending, limit the size of government and put a stop to the overreach of the current administration.
  • NEWSLETTER: Budget Wrap Up
    The Second Regular Session of the Fifty-First Legislature has come to an end and with the last of the bills being signed by the Governor, things have wrapped up.
  • NEWSLETTER: Adult Insulin Pumps Covered Once Again
    A couple of years ago, ACCCHS stopped covering insulin pumps for diabetic patients once they turned 21. If a patient on ACCCHS relied on the use of an insulin pump, on their 21st birthday, ACCCHS would no longer cover the cost.

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